The Metamorphosis
From humble but focused beginnings as a Mail Management Services company catering to the premium end of the market, Expressit is slowly metamorphosising into an 360 degrees customer interface logistics KPO.

The guiding principle of this evolutionary process has been to enhance its relationship with targeted customers by increasing the size of its foot print across customer processes that are directed towards acquisition and management of their customers. A Strategic Perspective on accomplishing these objectives has been prepared, which includes within its field of vision the various factors that would help propel it into this unique position.

  The challenges :
To continuously build an organisation that is larger than the present necessitates the ability to anticipate and proactively plan strategies that would ensure sustained growth in tandem with changes in scale and the competitive environment.

The Management team’s commitment is to make Expressit India’s first 360 degrees customer interface logistics KPO focused on the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Aviation sectors providing world class customer interface process outsourcing solutions and services by leveraging its People Skills, Processes, Technology and Last Mile Reach across India.

Global Logistics Courier intends to remain focused on the BFSITRA verticals. However, it has clear plans of expanding the scope and size of its relationship footprint within these chosen verticals with the following business lines

  New Growth Areas
Customer Acquisition Fulfillment
E-commerce Fulfillment
Print Mail Solutions – Variable printing and mail management
Retail Transaction Processing on behalf of MF institutions
Payment Collection Solutions
Global Logistics Courier plans to expand its product / service portfolio with new service offerings to customers within the chosen verticals by leveraging on its existing strengths and planned growth to achieve its vision of reaching every household in the Country and changing the way that last mile Logistics in B2C Customer Interface is handled.

Global Logistics Courier  will strive to provide innovative, customized last mile services by adapting to changing market requirements and upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Global Logistics Courier  will have last mile reach to every address and be recognized by the leaders in the BFSITRA Sectors as the Benchmark for Service Excellence and the Preferred Partner for Customer Interface Logistics.”
Global Logistics Courier is a fair employer who employs people from various cultures and regions. Built on the values that define the way they do business Global Logistics Courier believes in empowering the people to ensure accountability and responsiveness.
Being in the service industry, Global Logistics Courier  ensures that all HR processes are oriented towards quality recruitment, continuous skill upgrades, employee retention and satisfaction.
Global Logistics Courier
also lays emphasis on goal setting and appraisal processes leading to personal growth.

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