Robert J. Peabody, President & Chief Executive Officer

Robert J. Peabody, President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peabody was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Global Logistics Courier  since December 2016.He has been playeing a  major key role in the transformation of the Company. Mr. Peabody is a former member of the leadership team at BP, where he headed four major businesses in Europe and the United States and Australia respectively.



Jonathan McKenzie, Chief Financial Officer

Appointed as Chief Financial Officer in April 2015, Mr. McKenzie is an experienced financial executive with extensive energy and utilities sector experience. Before joining Global Logistics Courier   Mr. McKenzie was Chief Commercial Officer with Irving Oil Ltd. in Saint John, He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto. Mr. McKenzie is a Chartered Accountant.



Rob Symonds, Chief Operating Officer

Symonds was appointed Chief Operating Officer in February 2017. Previously, he held the role of Senior Vice President, Western Australia courier  and Logistics since 2011. He is responsible for
leading Global Logistics Courier Upstream (excluding Asia Pacific and the Atlantic Region) and Downstream businesses and Safety, Engineering and Procurement


Gerald Alexander, Senior Vice President, 

Responsible for the leadership and management of Mega’s Upstream business in all over our Branches Across the world,including our branches in Asia as whole.He Focus is on growing Global Logistics Courier's production and net profit.He plays a vital role in achieving production process a efficiency delivery with other cost of targets.



Nancy Foster, Human Resources Director

 Ms. Foster was Country Manager, responsible for the direction, management and corporate strategy of Norwegian operations. She worked as a Corporate Planning & Economics. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University.she is currently Human Resources and Directors of Affairs for Global Logistics Courier till date.



 John Leo CEO & President

John Leo is  the CEO & President General  of Global Logistics Courier and Developments for the Atlantic Region He brought his 30 years of international operational and project experience in the upstream sector before He Established Global Logistics Courier His Previous Experiences Across the  Globe Has  helped the fast Development and dream actualization of Global Logistics Courier.